Conventional Surface Coring / Diamond Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling facilitates in the extraction of the insitu rock to surface for the study of the Lithology, Grade, Structure and Stratigraphy for the Geologists.

Rubaco team is well versed with the Katangan fractured sediments and have acquired the expertise to give the best quality (Core Recovery) core to the client.

It is equipped with the largest number of Diamond Core Rigs in DRC with various capacities and mounting to suit all terrain and depth requirements.


Six (6) Crawler Mounted Deep Drilling Hydrostatic Rigs – upto Max NQ Depth 1500 m

  • CD-180- 1 No.
  • DE-710 – 4 No.
  • KDR-1000- 3 No.

Four (4) Crawler Mounted Deep Drilling Hydrostatic Rigs – upto Max NQ Depth 1000 m

  • LF-90 – 2 No.
  • LF-70 – 1 No.
  • KDR-750- 1 No.
  • KDR-600 – 1 No.

Four (4) Man portable Rigs – Max Capacity 400 m


Reverse Circulation Drilling

Reverse Circulation Drilling produces the rock chips through the inner tube of the double walled drill string. These samples are uncontaminated true representative samples.The RC drilling is a time and cost saving accurate method to evaluate the potential of large areas and good in target testing.

Booster Compressors are available for additional air pressure and volume to control the water column. Fleet

  • Rubaco is equipped with the

    SuperRock 5000

  • Hanjin 700
  • PRD Multistar
  • Tractor Mounted Rig
  • BEC Tractor Mounted Rig

Multipurpose Drilling

Multipurpose Drilling is a cost saving combination of Diamond and RC drilling.In this method the holes will be with the RC (Reverse Circulation) drill collars and Diamond Tails.Rubaco is equipped with three rigs with the facility of RC and Diamond.Fleet

    Rubaco is equipped with the

  • Hanjin 700
  • PRD Multistar
  • BEC Tractor Mounted Rig
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    +243-9983 92100
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  • Kambove, Commune de Panda,
    Likasi, Province Du Haut-Katanga,
    R. D. Congo

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