Borehole Siting

Borehole or well siting is locating a hole on the ground that could yield the best source of water.

This is done by the Geophysical Survey conducted in the target area.

Rubaco team of Hydrogeologists equipped with the latest Geophysical tools coupled with about a decade expertise on the DR Congo ground are almost certain in their recommendation for the Well Siting.


Well development is the process which causes reversals of flow through the screen openings so as to wash out the fines and rearrange the formation and for particles in a naturally developed well and form a graded filter with rings of increasing porosity and permeability towards the well in an artificially gravel packed well, so that ultimately the well will yield clear sand-free water.

Proper development increases the well efficiency by Using Compressed air: This method will prove to be rapid and effective when properly used under favorable conditions. The process involves in combination of surging and pumping. By means of sudden release of large volumes of air, a strong surge is produced by virtue of the resistance of water head. Pumping is done with and airlift Of 8 hours to 72 hours.


  • Piezometer & Monitoring Wells

    Drilling, development and installation of Piezometers


    A water well design involves selection of proper dimensions like the diameter of the well and that of the casing, length and location of the screen including slot size, shape and percentage of open area, design of gravel pack, selection of screen material etc.
    Good water well design aims to ensure an optimum combination of performance and long service life.
    Rubaco with its experience can guide in the proper well designing.

  • Dewatering Holes

    Dewatering Holes Rubaco is equipped to takeup the Mine Dewatering holes either vertical or horizontal. The vertical Holes vary in the finish diameter of 14” (355 mm) to 17” (430 mm) to the depths of 200-300 m.
    These holes are done by either a plot RC /DTH hole reamed or direct by the Rotary method.

  • Potable / Production / Irrigation Wells

    Wells for the Domestic and industrial water utility, through the percussion and rotary methods. We also take up the well sunder the community development programmes of various corporate clients and NGOs.
    We cater the needs of the large diameter production wells for Irrigation.
    Our Hydro Geology Wing is capable of locating the right place for the potable water with best quality and quantity parameters.



  • Step Drawdown Test
  • Constant Discharge Test
  • Recovery Test:
  • Slug Test
  • Data interpretation to determine aquifer characteristics,
  • Transmissibility and storage coefficients of the aquifers……etc


  • Volumetric discharge measurements
  • Orifice meter o Flow meter measurements,
  • 90 degree/60 degree V- Notch


The chemical composition of ground water is related to soluble products of rock weathering and decomposition and changes with respect to time and space. Geochemical studies provide a complete knowledge of the water hydrological regimen.

  • Drinking water standards
  • Quality of water for industrial uses
  • Irrigation water quality e.g.: TDS (total dissolved solids), PH, EC, Turbidity, Chloride, Nitrate, etc.


After conducting airlift test, aquifer test or pump test, mp pump will be selected by observing drawdown with respect to time and observation of flow rate. E.G.

  • Characteristic curves of pump
  • Total head
  • Horse power consumed
  • Pump efficiency
  • Particular operating speed ….etc
  • Pump size
  • Bowl diameter
  • Capacity range
  • Head
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