• Mineral Exploration

    Mineral exploration is the process of finding ores to mine

  • Mining

    Meets all your mining needs by providing a wide range of innovative surface core drilling services.

  • Water

    Rubaco offers a full range of mine and other water services drilling.

  • Geo-Technical

    Geotechnical Drilling is related to the construction of a structure such as plant, building or other to check the ground (Soil / Rock) parameters and their suitability.

  • Under Ground Drilling

    underground drilling services cover mineral exploration, underground installations, and removing installations.

  • Civil (Drill pads, Access Roads) & Others

    Drilling pad is that operators can drill multiple wells in a shorter time than they might with just one well per site.

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  • Kambove, Commune de Panda,
    Likasi, Province Du Haut-Katanga,
    R. D. Congo

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