Grade Control Drilling

The Grade Control Drilling bridges the gap between the Mine Planning and Production teams with the accurate evaluation of the Grades of the Ore planned for the excavation.

This is an RC rig suited for the mine. Fleet

  • SuperRock 5000

Blasthole Drilling

Rotary and DTH Blasthole drilling for the opencast mines / quarries Fleet

  • PRD 650BH

The Crawler mounted Drill Rig with hydraulic top drive head capable of drilling 4 ½ “to 6” dia bore holes to a depth of 50 mtrs An IR make compressor driven by Cummins engine to develop 540 Cfm @ 185 Psi is mounted on the above track.


Service Holes

Large Diameter Holes for the interconnection to the underground workings for the supply utilities, aggregate, cement, air shafts, etc...

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Rubaco SARL is a reputed comprehensive drilling service provider in DRC

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